Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 1

All survived "day one" of my parents' visit to Utah. We actually made it to church. Colby dressed himself and ended up in dark wash jeans. Oh well. Church was fun, as usual. My parents got to see how crazy it is to walk across the street to church and how we manage to share the building with 3 wards overlapping.
The adults spent the afternoon catching up on some sleep lost during the previous night's arrival.
Dinner was an easy spaghetti dinner and (abby's) left over white birthday cake for dessert. We have made plans for the rest of the week which will include a trip to salt lake to see the new downtown construction and City Creek mall,an outing to Hebert, The Theee Stooges movie, Kennicot coper mine, tulip festival at Thanksgiving point, and some yard work. FUN! I am so glad the are here. The kids are loving it too.

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bigmimi said...

We had a blast! A busy schedule and we got to almost everything. I was glad our last day was just hanging out together and a trip to the Peaks with Grampa Herms.The Tulip Festival would have been nice, but how could it top the amazing Temple Square gardens in SLC? I think those plants we found at the Garden Ctr. will be beautiful in your yard- Tell Abby she should probably skip watering every third day or so or they will become water lilies! Kids, Mom and Dad, house and yard all look wonderful. Wish we were there longer- so much to do and so nice to be with you all
! Don't know how you keep up with the little rascals- or is that the 2 stooges? Nah.. Abby and Colby are way smarter than the stooges! Love to all in UT